LouDeemY Productions

LouDeemY Productions create and deliver exciting, unique and innovative multimedia performance, comedy, drama, theatre, poetry, film, photography and workshops.

Our work is meaningful, yet full of humour and the Theatre of Real Life provides us with plenty of material to work with.  We are trained in writing, theatre, workshops and multimedia and are experienced with working with a wide range of groups.  

From young people to mental health service users, the over 50’s, the unemployed and post-graduate social work students, our aim is to involve our audiences and participants; and to evoke response and thought, because we believe that creativity and art has a huge role in the learning, healing and change process.

We are a non-for-profit organisation, and rely solely on funding for our projects, and are dedicated to challenging misconceptions through creativity.

Our co-founders and directors are Louise (Lou) and Nadeem (DeemY), both freelance artists in their own rights, who have decided to merge their talent, skills, ingenuity and humour under the LouDeemY banner.